Celeb Shoot ‘Em Up Shooting Stars Will Arrive On PC In January


The internet is full of celebrity videos. It’s also full of cat videos. However, one thing it doesn’t feature (yet) is a video of cats blowing up celebrities with lasers that shoot from their eyes. Well, Hamburg-based developer Daedalic Entertainment are intent on changing that with the release of its mobile shoot ’em up, Shooting Stars, on PC.

In Shooting Stars, you control Tscherno, a proud pet owner who has bought his deadly, laser-shooting feline companion along with him in a mission to save the world from extra-terrestrial invaders posing as everyone’s favourite pop-culture icons. It’s an invasion of the famous body snatchers that will combine the retro thrills of classic top-down shooters with roguelike elements (which is sure to mean it will have procedurally generated levels).

Here is the official press release for more information:

Tscherno the hipster, armed with a laser-eyed cat and a hoverboard, is on a mission to save humanity from aliens. These aliens disguise themselves as celebrities and are out for world domination. They pose as Hollywood actors, popstars, Youtube personalities or meme characters and subtly influence mankind.

Tscherno and his cat plan to put an end to this: The fierce feline shoots lasers from her eyes to stop enemies and with the help of power-ups she can even use stronger weapons — like the MEGA RAINBOW LAZER, a multi-colored multi-mortal multibeam!

The game looks to be a parody of current web culture, starring the alien likenesses of the world’s most trendy faces as its bosses, as you’ll have to go head-to-head with villains such as “Justin Belieber,” “PewDerPie,” and “Kanye East.”

The war between cute kitties and alien imposters will commence in the new year when Shooting Stars is released for Windows, Mac, and Linux on January 4th, 2016.