Character DLC For PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Available Today

Those who own a copy of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale but haven’t played it lately have a new reason to pop the disc back in: The first official piece of downloadable content for the game, in the form of two new playable fighters, will be part of tonight’s PlayStation Store update.

Originally announced prior to the game’s launch last November, the new characters are Emmett Graves from the PS3 title Starhawk and Kat from the Vita title Gravity Rush. Both of the characters will utilize unique fighting styles that incorporate signature mechanics from their respective games. Emmett will have weapons and structures dropped down to him, including shotguns, rocket launchers, and automated turrets, while Kat will make use of close-range melee combos and special moves that alter gravity. Their respective level 3 super attacks will have Emmett take control of a powerful Hawk mech with numerous weapons, while Kat will team up with her feline friend Dusty and let loose with slashes, lunges, and the ability to create deadly black holes.

Both characters will come complete with all the extras the default cast came with, including unlockable costumes, taunts, intros, victory poses, and minions, along with individual Arcade modes, cutscenes, and rival battles. They won’t be the only piece of DLC hitting the store, either. A new stage called Fearless that combines elements from Heavenly Sword and the Wipeout racing series will also be made available.

As a bonus to early customers, Kat & Emmett won’t cost a thing to purchase and download for their first two weeks of availability. After that period passes, however, anyone who hasn’t downloaded them yet will have to pay $4.99 for each. The Fearless stage will also cost nothing to play in ranked online matches, but those who wish to play it offline or in non-ranked player matches will have to pay $1.99 out of the gate.

We will keep you updated on future news regarding PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as it becomes available.  Until then, feel free to post your thoughts on the new characters below.