Check Out The 12 Mighty Eidolons Of Final Fantasy Explorers

ff explorers gameplay

The twelve powerful Eidolons of Final Fantasy Explorers have been revealed today ahead of its worldwide release in January 2016. The game is currently available for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan only, but is due to arrive in North America and Europe from January 26th onwards.

The powerful creatures, which you can see below, all have to be conquered in single or multiplayer adventures before they can be summoned as an ally later in the game. They can then be brought to battle in Trance Mode, a temporary ability where players can also transform into other legendary characters from the Final Fantasy series.

FF Explorers

While some of these mighty Eidolons will be familiar to fans of the series, two have been introduced as brand new creatures to the franchise. After the main story is completed, players looking for a challenge will have the opportunity to battle aberrant versions of each eidolon which are significantly tougher in battle than their original counterparts and feature an alternate design.

Final Fantasy Explorers will be available worldwide in just under two months.