Check Out How Some Of The Evil Within’s Sound Effects Were Created

the evil within

As much as I hate to spoil a game for myself before it comes out, I just can’t help myself when it comes to The Evil Within. The upcoming survival-horror romp from legendary director Shinji Mikami has been on my radar for over a year, and the closer we get to release, the more I find myself digging for additional information on the title.

One of the more eccentric and unexpected videos to pop up recently comes straight from Bethesda, giving us an inside look at how some of the more grotesque and stomach-churning sound effects were made. Sound designer Masahiro Izumi from Tango Studios walks us through a hilarious session of creating various sounds for The Evil Within using a wide array of foods, including melons, marshmallows, chips and noodles. Check out the video below if you can stomach it.

I’ll be honest and say that sound design is hardly the first aspect of a game that comes to mind when remembering a title fondly, unless it’s done exceptionally well and memorably (see: all of Akira Yamaoka’s work). However, getting the chance to see the creativity at work in Izumi’s studio sheds a ton of light on the process of making a game in every way.

As interesting as it was to watch Izumi attack a melon and somehow make it sound like a monstrosity munching on some neck though, it’ll be hard to get many of these images out of my head when playing the game. Somehow it’s just not as creepy when I imagine Izumi saying “delicious” after every attack.

In case you haven’t been counting down the days obsessively, The Evil Within will be creeping into stores on October 14 in North America and Europe, October 16 in Australia and October 23 in Japan.