Check Out The Gameplay Trailer For Pro Basketball Manager 2016


As sports management simulators continue to grow in popularity as gamers seek more immersive experiences, Pro Basketball Manager 2016 will look to establish itself early next year. A new gameplay trailer debuts its many features today, as Umix and Cyanide Studios also reveal the game’s release date.

The sim will offer over 1,000 teams from around the world, all of whom can be managed both on and off the court. From early season training exercises to final play strategies, the game will demand all of the thorough and detailed management practices that the likes of Football Manager have made so popular.

It’s no surprise to see the winning formula replicated so heavily here, and the main features of Pro Basketball Manager 2016 will be as follows:

  • Recruit your players according to your means and the needs of your team
  • Organize group and individual training sessions, taking each player into account
  • Create your own strategies and make the right decisions in the 70 worldwide competitions available to you
  • Manage the finances of your team and your arena
  • Exchange databases with other players and discuss your strategy with the community

Pro Basketball Manager 2016 will be available from January 14th for PC players.