Check Out These Nintendo-themed Happy Meal Toys


Kids have it good these days. Perhaps in light of Satoru Iwata’s recent willingness to license out Nintendo characters, UK McDonald’s restaurants will be offering these adorable little hunks of plastic as a reward for those who purchase Happy Meals. The toys should be available next week, and can be seen below.

Some of the toys will be “interactive,” which I assume means they perform an action of some kind, and are paired with a get-active slogan: “Run, Jump, and Power-Up with Super Mario.”

It’s a pretty good idea, and honestly, if one thing would would have made me more active as a kid, it’s Mario. Perhaps more interesting, though, is the willingness of Nintendo to make this pairing – I do recall some Kirby toys from Wendy’s years ago, but that’s about it.

Does this mean we’ll see Legend of Zelda hitting the fast food chains next? I’m not getting my hopes up. Though I have to say, Metroid toys would make a fantastic prize with a Mighty Kids Meal.