Check Out Killer Instinct Season 3’s Tusk In Action


Immortal warrior Tusk is the fourth confirmed character for Killer Instinct‘s third season, and will release along with three other characters when it begins at the end of March.

Halo‘s Arbiter, Battletoad‘s Rash, KI native Kim Wu and, of course, the hulking mountain of muscle that is Tusk are the four initial characters due to be available at the beginning of Season 3, with more characters planned to release in the future, says developer Iron Galaxy Studios.

Judging by the reveal trailer (above), Tusk looks set to usurp existing character Chief Thunder’s crown for biggest fighter (Aganos is in a league of his own) and brings with him a massive claymore with which to vanquish his enemies.

For those who count the aforementioned Native American as one of their favorites, it looks like you’ll feel right at home with Tusk’s playstyle, appearing to be a slow, but extremely powerful character capable of performing multiple juggle combos with his sword.

Killer Instinct Season 3 begins on Xbox One and PC March 29. Iron Galaxy have yet to confirm the full roster for the third (and possibly final) season, but we’ll be surprised if we don’t see the return of the series’ main antagonist Gargos or Eyedol at some point down the road.