Check Out The GDC Trailer For Capy Games’ Below


It’s been almost three years since Below first debuted at E3 2013, but a new trailer was unveiled at GDC as the game builds towards a 2016 release date. The trailer – titled ‘Death’s Door’ – demonstrates a gorgeous visual style and great atmosphere alongside a fairly simple mechanic.

At the very end of Below‘s latest trailer we’re given three simple instructions: Explore. Survive. Discover. Based on the content shown in the new video, it’s pretty easy to see why all three of those things will be both challenging and exciting.

For a start, Below‘s world looks pretty damn gorgeous; there are dank caves and eerie forests, all presented in a perspective against your character that makes the explorer look small and overawed. Vast expanses and perilous paths could leave escape or survival looking like a very tall order in places.

There will be some survival mechanics within Below, as well, as food can be found through the journey to replenish your explorer’s vitality. Dangers will also come as various enemies attempt to halt your progress, but luckily it seems our hero will be well-equipped with a weapon and shield.

There’s no confirmed release date for the game just yet, but it looks like we’ll only have to wait until this Summer to see what lies below when Below launches for Xbox One and for PC through Steam.