Check Out The Trailer For The Bizarre First-Person Adventure Maize


The debut trailer for Finish Line Games’ absurdist first-person adventure Maize is now online, revealing a bizarre world and an even crazier premise.

Maize is said to be an absurdist comedy based around unusual government conspiracies and offering up no shortage of weirdness. The trailer doesn’t give an awful lot away as far as gameplay or plot is concerned, but the Monty Python-esque tone is perfectly captured as we are introduced to a stalk of the sentient corn that will apparently play a very large part in the narrative.

The developer’s official synopsis explains as much:

Maize is a first-person adventure game about what happens when two scientists misinterpret a memo from the U.S. Government and create sentient corn. And that last sentence is pretty much the least ridiculous thing about the game.

The story will take place on a desolate farm which players will explore to uncover an underground research facility and all manner of clues as to just what happened there years ago. Sounds intriguing enough, right?

Maize is set for a fall release on PC. Check out the new footage in the video above and let us know if your interest is piqued.