Check Out The Story Trailer For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Fighting games aren’t exactly known for their riveting plot development, but when you’re dealing with the Persona franchise, you can raise your standards at least a little bit. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (the sequel to the first Persona brawler Persona 4 Arena) is coming to North America later this month, and Atlus has released a new story trailer to prime potential buyers.

I’m working through Persona 4 right now myself, so I’ll admit I don’t fully know what’s happening in the trailer. Still, I’m far along enough to know about the Midnight Channel and the alternate world it contains, and it appears as though the town of Inaba will be subject to its madness once again in Ultimax. Essentially, if you watch TV at midnight, you’ll see strange imagery on the screen, or be sucked into the TV world comletely. It sounds wacky, but it’s strangely compelling. Check out the original game if you don’t believe me.

There are also a handful of character trailers, including that of Marie, a character added to Persona 4 for the Vita’s Persona 4 Golden (the original title released on the PlayStation 2). Each character plays a reasonably pivotal role in Ultimax‘s story, which I’m assuming is far more entertaining if you’ve completed prior games in the Persona 4 lineage. I’m sprinting to finish Persona 4 before reviewing Ultimax, so here’s hoping the timing works out. Oh, also – Teddie is playable. That ought to raise your excitement levels dramatically.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is scheduled to release on September 30th, so brush up on your knowledge of past games between now and then if you get a chance. The game is looking gorgeous, especially to a guy who opted to play the PS2 edition of Persona 4 over the Vita remake. That 480p sure does feel great on the eyes.