Check Out Sunset Overdrive’s Opening Cinematic And 8 Minutes Of Gameplay


I was pretty impressed with what I saw of Sunset Overdrive back at E3. Treated to a behind closed doors half hour presentation, I walked away feeling very optimistic about what Insomniac Games has in store for us, and I’m quite eager for the full thing to hit store shelves.

Now, with the October 28th release date quickly approaching, I’m really starting to feel the excitement for this one. Insomniac isn’t making the wait any easier, either, as they’ve released two new tantalizing videos today. The first is of the opening cinematic, while the second one shows off 8 minutes of gameplay. Both offer up great looks at the title and will no doubt leave you wanting more.

With its appealing visual style, over-the-top combat, imaginative environments and importance placed on constantly moving, Sunset Overdrive promises gamers a thoroughly entertaining experience when it launches this Fall. It’s hands-down one of my most anticipated titles and I cannot wait to dig into it come October.

Check out both videos below and let us know if you’re as excited for Sunset Overdrive as we are.