Retro City Rampage Will Include A Super Meat Boy Mini-Game

OK. So, Retro City Rampage is going to miss out on its targeted May release window unless it miraculously finishes bug testing in the next few hours. To soften that blow a bit, a new gameplay trailer was released, featuring one of the many guest co-stars we can expect to encounter.

The Virtual Meat Boy mini-game changes the perspective on our favorite blob of meat, allowing us to play an auto-scrolling runner using the Virtual Boy’s much maligned color scheme. Plus, with a mere flick of the switch, you can play the game in stereoscopic 3D if you happen to have any of those old red and blue glasses laying around.

This game needs to come out now! Retro City Rampage is finished and is simply running through the final bug check before release. Then again, if I’ve waited a year, I can wait a few more days. Right?

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