Check Out These New TV Spots For 3DS Super Smash Bros.


Nintendo has been pumping out some serious TV spots lately, be it the Mario Kart 8 instructional videos or the recent Japanese ads for Super Smash Bros. Starting today, there’s a new batch of U.S. Smash Bros. ads featuring the 3DS version, and they’re pretty hilarious on their own merits. You can check them out above and below.

I’d say the bus ride spot is the best of the bunch, featuring a middle-aged man screaming at a young child like Donkey Kong. The “settle it in Smash” tagline certainly has a nice ring to it, so we’ll see how the spots fare with audiences once they’ve circulated for a few days.

Another has a group of siblings fighting over the last slice of pizza, and the only way to solve the dilemma proves to be, of course, a round or two of Smash. This has pretty much been common law among families for years now, so it’s good Nintendo is finally catching on.

As the game’s October 3rd release date inches ever closer, there are some important things to remember if you’re planning to buy. First of all, if you don’t have a 3DS currently, you may want to consider holding off. Though it may be tough to wait past the holidays, Nintendo’s New 3DS features a second analog stick and additional triggers, both important Super Smash Bros. assets to the advanced player. If you do already have a 3DS, well, you may be looking at an upgrade sometime next year. Luckily, the game itself performs just fine with the old model.