Child Of Eden PS3 Delayed One Week; Will Get 3D Support

Unfortunately, PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait another seven days to enter the surreal world of Child of Eden. It’s been announced that the game’s release date has been delayed from September 20 to September 27, which is the best possibly type of delay one could ask for: a short one. However, considering that this version already received a relatively substantial delay, it might be more disappointing than normal.

That being said, the wait is certainly worthwhile for those who own a 3D television. Ubisoft sent out a Tweet today, confirming that this upcoming version of the game will receive full 3D support. For a game this beautiful and immersive, it’ll surely be quite an amazing experience with the inclusion of an added visual dimension.

Although I feel bad for those who’ve been eagerly anticipating this version of the very well-reviewed gaming experience, it certainly sounds like Ubisoft are pulling out all the stops to try to make it easier to bear. With Move controls and full 3D support, this could end up being the definitive version of Child of Eden.

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