Chucklefish’s Highly Anticipated RPG Eastward Finally Has A Release Date


Chucklefish’s Eastward, developed by Shanghai studio Pixpil, finally has a release date. And it’s an exclusive on Nintendo Switch.

During Nintendo’s IndieWorld showcase today, Chucklefish revealed Eastward will be officially available on Sep. 16. The game will be a timed console exclusive on the Switch, although the game appears to be launching on PC alongside Switch. Pre-orders are now available on both Steam and the Nintendo eShop.

Eastward is a top-down RPG inspired by Nintendo’s Mother series, also known as Earthbound in the U.S. Players travel through an apocalyptic world on the brink of social collapse amid the growing toxic miasma. Like Mother, expect puzzles, quirky combat segments, and a colorful cast of characters and locations to meet along the way.

Chucklefish previously developed Wargroove and Starbound. The company also published Stardew Valley, the immensely popular farming sim.