New Civilization V Developer Diary Promises To Steal Your Free Time

I’m going to need some help here. When Civilization V came out, I went days without leaving my desk, determined to bend the world to my will and cursing the Mongols sudden but inevitable betrayal. I finally kicked the habit a few months ago with the onslaught of new titles and was able to leave my dreams of world conquest behind. Sadly, Firaxis has decided that I’ve been gone long enough and that my girlfriend has been seeing too much of me recently.

The upcoming Gods & Kings expansion pack is promising to pull me right back into my crippling addiction. With nine new factions alongside some tweaked diplomacy mechanics revolving around religion and espionage Gods & Kings looks to completely change how the game plays out. Based on what we see in the developer diary, I know I’m going to have to completely retool my game in order to stay competitive against the new tactics.

Gods & Kings releases June 19th. Check out the developer diary below and tell my family I loved them.