Civilization Revolution And Dugeon Defenders Are This Month’s Games With Gold

civilization rev

Microsoft’s Games With Gold promotion continues this month with a pair of intriguing titles that might be slightly old, but are still worth checking out nonetheless.

As of yesterday, Xbox 360 owners can download Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution, a streamlined console version of the classic PC franchise, for free. Originally released in 2008, this instalment once again tasks gamers with expanding their civilization from simple origins in 4000 BC up until the space age and beyond, with victory being possible through a variety of means. Civilization Revolution may not be as deep as the more recent Civilization V, but it is a faithful port of the strategy series and has an impressive 84% score on Metacritic.

Just like every other month, the available title switches half-way through, this time with Dungeon Defenders taking over on March 16th. Part tower defense and part RPG, Dungeon Defenders is a co-op experience that was released through Xbox Live Arcade back in 2011. Working together with up to three of your friends, you are tasked with protecting the Eternia Crystals from a variety of monsters and creatures such as goblins and wyverns. Holding a 77% score on Metacritic, we reviewed the game back when it was released and although we covered the PC version of the title, both platforms received the same experience.

While not exactly timely releases, both Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution and Dungeon Defenders are solid titles that people may have missed when they were first released. I think by now we have to realize that Microsoft isn’t going to be giving us recent games anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we should be upset about what’s being offered. We’ve seen a solid batch of titles made available for download since the promotion began and considering that they’re all free, it’s hard to complain.

Anyone excited about this month’s releases? Let us know in the comments section below.