Classic Motifs Put Front And Center In Latest Resident Evil 7 Teaser Videos


Capcom has released a new batch of bite-sized teaser videos for next year’s Resident Evil 7 today, this time exploring some themes that series fans are going to be intimately familiar with. Last week’s snippets of gameplay featured a phone call from a mystery woman and the discovery of a shotgun stowed away in a weapons cache; this week’s are all about save points and knives.

Marking the return of an in-game save system from the classic Resi games, the first teaser (above) sees the player come across a tape recorder (typewriters are like, so 20 years ago, man) which, when interacted with, prompts the PlayStation 4 save file window to pop-up.

The footage below has our mystery protagonist engaging in some good old fashioned vandalism by cracking open various crates and fuse boxes with a knife to get at the contents inside. Survival horror fans rejoice – it looks like you’ll be searching every nook and cranny for scarce resources while exploring Resi 7‘s spooky mansion.

Both trailers conclude by displaying several numbered film reels, with four being filled and six still empty. Each one represents a single teaser, so you can expect Capcom to release at least six more of these miniature videos before the game launches in full.

Resident Evil 7 releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on January 24, 2017, and early adopters of Sony’s PlayStation VR can play the entire thing in virtual reality.