Clementine Returns In First Images For Season 3 Of Telltale’s The Walking Dead


Telltale Games, widely celebrated as some of the best storytellers working in the industry today, currently preside over a vast array of IP. But before the studio gobbled up new properties left, right and center, Telltale enjoyed a major breakout with The Walking Dead, its gripping, episodic take on Robert Kirkman’s bleak, hopeless world.

It returns later this year for a third season and, as promised, the developer was on hand during the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con to unveil new details for TWD season 3 and, unsurprisingly, they’re riddled with spoilers if you’ve yet to play through the entirety of season 2.

First up, in line with previous rumors, Clementine won’t be the only playable character in The Walking Dead season 3, with new screenshots above revealing Javier. Per Telltale: “Remember, you’ll be playing as both characters, although you may not be playing each character within the same frame of time…” Could the studio be about to employ some form of flashback sequences?

What’s interesting, though, is that Telltale considers season 3 to be a sound entry point for newcomers to the series, indicating that those who are unfamiliar with the lore will have the opportunity to catch up.

So players who are new to the series will have a chance to learn more about Clementine’s backstory, while at the same time, those who have played previous seasons will have a story that’s uniquely tailored to the diverging paths they’ve taken in the past.

The Walking Dead season 3 is expected to make its bow before the year’s end. Elsewhere on Telltale’s bustling slate, Batman: The Telltale Series will swoop onto the scene early next month.


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