Cloud City Beckons In Launch Trailer For Star Wars Battlefront DLC Bespin


Cloud City beckons in the launch trailer for Bespin, the second mainline expansion headed to Star Wars Battlefront on June 21.

Introducing new heroes in the form of Dengar and Lando Calrissian, the dashing Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Bespin will debut for Season Pass owners first on next week, before opening up for all users shortly thereafter.

Much like Outer Rim before it, DICE’s latest content pack bundles together “new heroes, maps, mode, weapons, star cards and more in the new Bespin digital expansion. Join Lando Calrissian and Dengar in the Cloud City of Bespin. Take flight in a cloud car, journey through Cloud City, navigate carbon-freezing chambers, or hunt enemies with the X-8 Night Sniper and EE-4 blasters.”

Star Wars Battlefront players can look forward to new maps, modes, heroes and much more when Bespin opens on June 21. Elsewhere, it was revealed earlier in the week that DICE is collaborating with Burnout dev Criterion Games to craft an X-Wing VR mission that will be exclusive to PlayStation VR this October.