Cloud Imperium Demonstrate The Power Of Star Citizen’s World Builder


There’s no denying that Star Citizen is a mightily ambitious game. Through the course of the its record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, developers Cloud Imperium have continuously showcased all of the impressive things that they want their game to do once it’s finally released. To date that includes a blended single and multiplayer experience, customizable private servers and a massively multiplayer persistent universe.

With their latest video, it’s the latter of these elements that the developers are keen to show us. The appropriately titled ‘From Pupil to Planet’ video is two minutes of sweeping camerawork across a procedurally generated planet from the game’s work-in-progress state. Starting at personal detail levels, the camera pans away gradually to reveal the planet’s surface and environments in immense details before the final shots behold the whole thing from space.

Cloud Imperium narrate the experience with subtitles to explain how all of this works, but in truth you’ll find it difficult to concentrate on this. Even in its “in progress” state, this game looks absolutely stunning.

Check out the video to see just where some of those $100 million Kickstarter dollars are going, and marvel at Star Citizen‘s ambient worlds before the full game is released in 2016.