Clover Is Payday 2’s First Playable Female Crook


It’s a testimony to the addictive nature of Payday 2 that developer Overkill Software continues to release DLC for the shooter, which made its explosive debut in August of last year. Now, the latest content pack is set to add the first playable female character into the game with Clover.

That’s not the only new addition to Payday 2, though, as this most recent DLC will add a new Burglar perk deck, a skill that allows Clover to pick locks, cover up bodies and respond to pagers at a much quicker rate than normal. The new recruit will also come equipped with a L-95 assault rifle and a heavy cleaver weapon known as the Shillelagh, a weapon of moderate destruction, basically.

Priced at $4.99, the Clover pack will release alongside the Diamond Heist DLC – itself priced at $6.99 – which will task players with the seemingly insurmountable task of stealing the world’s most renown diamond. No mean feat, of course, and you can gain a glimpse of the breed of action that awaits you in the Diamond Heist expansion via the trailer above.

Source: Overkill