Clubs And Looking For Group Services Now Available On Xbox One Preview


Various new social features have been made available for Xbox One Preview members this week, Microsoft has announced. Clubs and Looking For Group are two easy-to-use systems created with the sole purpose of helping players find like-minded individuals that have the same interests gaming interests as you.

First up are Clubs, player-created groups that encourage the growth of communities all focused around specific activities or titles. Anyone can create a Club, and they can range from appreciation groups for a particular franchise to those that exist purely to help you stay in touch with friends over long distances.

Features include setting up parties made up of group members, content sharing (pictures, game clips, etc) and text and voice chat. As an added bonus, Clubs run across most Microsoft devices, so PC users with the Xbox app need not worry about not having an Xbox One.

The second and arguably most anticipated app is Looking For Group (LFG), an excellent social feature that’s already been used to great effect by popular site for Bungie’s sci-fi shooter. Microsoft’s version, however, is directly integrated into the Xbox One and has been expanded upon to include all multiplayer games available on the platform, as well as how many people you need, the rules of the group (i.e. no trash talking) and miscellaneous requirements like character class or level.

For a full breakdown of how each system works, you can visit Microsoft’s blog post here, or watch the video featuring Major Nelson and Scott Henson above.