Codemasters Reveals DLC Plans For GRID Autosport


GRID Autosport is about to hit store shelves, and to get people even more excited for the release, Codemasters has revealed their DLC plans for the game.

Arriving tomorrow with 80+ vehicles and 22 racing locations that will feature approximately 100 routes, there’s already going to be a ton of content packed into the game. If you’re looking for more though, Codemasters plans to release periodic car packs along with “mini-expansions,” each centring around a different theme.

While the car packs will simply add more vehicles to the roster, the trio of expansions will add more tracks, cars and even entirely new game modes. The first piece of DLC will apparently be an exclusive high-texture pack for PC players and will be available the moment the game releases.

Currently, there’s no information on any kind of prices for the DLC, but the PC and PS3 versions of the game are confirmed to have some sort of Season Pass.

Tell us, are you excited to hit the road with GRID Autosport tomorrow? Sound off below!