Cole MacGrath, Jak And Daxter Confirmed For PlayStation All-Stars


Well, Sony said they’d be revealing more characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at Comic Con, and they sure did. At a panel earlier today, Sony revealed Cole MacGrath and Jak and Daxter will be playable fighters in the upcoming crossover party fighter.

Cole MacGrath is, of course, most famous for being in the inFamous series of games, (see what I did there?) Cole will bring his signature lightning powers into the fight, including a super move summoning the ionic vortex.

Jak and Daxter hail from the series of the same name, and are a package deal. The cuddly(?) Daxter will be hanging off of Jak’s shoulder through the entirety of the match. Jak brings with him his arsenal of guns and eco powers in order to annihilate enemies.

Not bad. Expected, but not bad. I’m waiting for the next shocking characters to be revealed. I don’t think my face was believable when I learned Heihachi was revealed for the game.

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