Cole Resurrects Some Vampires In Infamous 2: Festival Of Blood

If someone were to ask me how I spent my summer, I would say about 87% of it was in my basement playing through Infamous 2. This was a rare example of a game that had a huge open world with so much to do that wasn’t boring.

It was lively, colorful, and an absolute blast to play. Your cousin didn’t call you every five minutes to go bowling, either. Leading Cole through his moral decisions proved to make for some unforgettable gaming moments, and the ending left me wanting so much more from the series.

For those of you who feel the same as me, then this comes as great news. It looks like Cole will be back for a new saga in New Marais in the DLC Festival of Blood. Due out later in October for the PSN, this new chapter is definitely shaping up to be mind-blowing, allowing players to explore a darker and more violent side to the city.

Also, it looks like Cole will be transformed into a vampire, as seen in previous trailers. The mixture of vampire and electricity powers is an exciting concept, and I definitely cannot wait to get my hands on this. Recently, Sucker Punch revealed a new preview for the DLC, shot in the comic book style that will be familiar to fans of the series. In it, Cole is forced to give his blood to a vampire corpse that will apparently turn into some sort of Conduit vampire through this process. Very cool and very creepy stuff. Check it out below and be sure to check back for any more developments on Festival of Blood.