Collecting Bobbleheads, Hacking Terminals And Crafting All Feature In Fallout 4 Achievements List


Now that Bethesda has signalled the klaxon to confirm that Fallout 4 has gone gold, ready to be shipped to retailers in time for November 10, the comprehensive trophy/achievements list for the RPG sequel has emerged.

It does, as you would expect, include some mild spoilers pertaining to the game’s set-up, including general locations and specific tasks that involve killing certain enemies. How and ever, it doesn’t openly expose the narrative that awaits fans across the vast Wasteland of Massachusetts.


Dancing around any plot-sensitive information and it’s clear Fallout 4 will welcome back some of the defining tropes of the series, such as recruiting companions, slaying monsters and people, collecting bobbleheads, hacking terminals and of course, crafting items.

Long-term fans of the acclaimed franchise will no doubt be able to glean plenty of information from the list below. Be wary of some mild spoilers, though!

Fallout 4 launches across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 10.

War Never Changes – Enter The Wasteland
When Freedom Calls – Complete “When Freedom Calls”
Unlikely Valentine – Complete “Unlikely Valentine”
Reunions – Complete “Reunions”
Dangerous Minds – Complete “Dangerous Minds”
Hunter/Hunted – Complete “Hunter/Hunted”
The Molecular Level – Complete “The Molecular Level”
The Nuclear Option – Complete “The Nuclear Option”
Institutionalized – Complete “Institutionalized”
Mankind-Redefined – Complete “Mankind-Redefined”
Powering Up – Complete “Powering Up”
Nuclear Family – Complete “Nuclear Family”
The First Step – Join the Minutemen
Taking Independence – Complete “Taking Independence”
Old Guns – Complete “Old Guns”
Semper Invicta – Join the Brotherhood of Steel
Blind Betrayal – Complete “Blind Betrayal”
Ad Victoriam – Complete “Ad Victoriam”
Tradecraft – Join the Railroad
Underground Undercover – Complete “Underground Undercover”
Rockets’ Red Glare – Complete “Rockets’ Red Glare”
Sanctuary – Complete “Sanctuary”
Community Organizer – Ally with 3 Settlements
Benevolent Leader – Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement
Gun-For-Hire – Complete 10 Side Quests
Mercenary – Complete 50 Misc. Objectives
Scavver – Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting
What’s Yours Is Mine – Pick 50 Locks
RobCo’s Worst Nightmare – Hack 50 Terminals
Armed and Dangerous – Create 50 Weapon Mods
Wasteland D.I.Y. – Craft 100 Items
Never Go It Alone – Recruit 5 Separate Companions
Lovable – Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion
Fix-Er-Upper – Build 100 Workshop Items
Future Retro – Play a Holotape Game
…The Harder They Fall – Kill 5 Giant Creatures
Ranger Corps – Discover 100 Locations
Print’s Not Dead – Read 20 Magazines
Prankster’s Return – Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing
Masshole – Kill 300 People
Animal Control – Kill 300 Creatures
Homerun! – Get a Homerun
Touchdown! – Get a Touchdown
They’re Not Dolls… – Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
…They’re Action Figures – Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
Born Survivor – Reach Level 5
Commonwealth Citizen – Reach Level 10
Unstoppable Wanderer – Reach Level 25
Legend Of The Wastes – Reach Level 50
Prepared for the Future – Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth