Company Registers Final Fantasy 13-2 Domain For Square Enix

Final Fantasy 13-2 has had a domain registered by the same company who have registered previous Square Enix releases on their behalf. The registration runs until January the 11th in 2013 which could lead to an announcement or some details on the sequel at next week’s Square Enix First Production Department Premier event.

The company named Corporation Service Company has in the past registered domains for the official sites of Nier, Gun Loco, Mind Jack and Front Mission Evolved.  Despite some internet hostility towards it, Final Fantasy 13 was a great game, although it did require patience for the story to really kick in. It’s interesting to see the change in direction Square Enix is taking with the Final Fantasy franchise, with a move away from stand alone games and stories to now branching out more and more into sequels or spin offs. The event next week was already set up for some interesting announcements and developments but now things have got a little more intriguing, we’ll keep you posted on all the details once the event kicks off.