Compulsion Games’ Quirky Adventure Title We Happy Few Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal


Wellington Wells beckons, dear readers, now that Compulsion Games’ sophomore effort We Happy Few has reached its Kickstarter funding goal of $200,000 with four days left to spare.

Taking cues from BioShock‘s failed utopia narrative, the developer’s latest title takes place in the aforementioned abode, wherein the denizens are forced to become addicted to a hallucinogen called Joy, ensuring there’s a blanket of false happiness constantly hovering over the crooked rooftops. Should you go against these rules, though, it isn’t long before the town’s enforcers beat you into submission. In Wellington Wells, it’s their way or the highway.


With funding still open until the end of this week, some of the stretch goals available include a sandbox mode, additional segments that include Uncle Jack as well as the possibility of controlling one of the doped-up Wellies. Incorporating rogue-like elements so that no two playthroughs are the same, here are some of the features that backers – of which there are almost 6,000 – can expect in the final release.

A procedurally generated world: Each time you die or beat the game, your next adventure through Wellington Wells will be different. Forget about relying on the city’s layout to escape!

Frenzied combat: Downers aren’t very popular in Wellington Wells. In fact, Wellies tend to get a bit violent whenever one walks by.

Twisted survival mechanics: In this urban setting, avoiding the Wellies’ fury often means hiding in plain sight.

There are still a few days left on We Happy Few‘s Kickstarter campaign, and budding backers have the potential to push the indie project towards some of its stretch goal before the crowdfunding draws to a close.

Source: Kickstarter