Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars Gets Pre-Order Bonuses And New Screens

be careful what you say

Wikipedia says that Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is a “role-playing game with turn-based battles.” Yawn. If you went by that description alone, you’d surely pass on playing yet another turn-based JRPG. Lucky for me, I snuck a peek at Atlus’s recent press release about the game, and not only do you get to partake in battles – you also get to flirt with pretty girls until they like you enough to help “gather energy” and “create” powerful warriors called Star Children. Making babies to save the world is, no matter how silly, an undoubtedly unique concept.

Sensing my embarrassing, adolescent-like excitement, Atlus also included information about the extras that players who pre-order will be privy to. If you drop your $39.99 early for either the PlayStation Vita or Nintendo 3DS version, the game will come in a shiny limited edition box that includes a ten-track music CD, composed and arranged by Masato Kouda. This is a man whose resume includes original music for Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, and the first Conception game, so he clearly knows a thing or two about “creating.” See what I did there? Ho-ho.

I’m starting to really like the look of Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, so be sure to check out the gallery below to see what I mean. The game is slated for a Spring 2014 release, so it won’t be long before you’ve got Star babies following you around and tugging your legs at the supermarket.