Conception II Is Coming, Here’s Its 7th Heroine Video

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is a game I’ve been pretty hotly anticipating, for an arguably odd bundle of reasons. The goal of the game is to seduce Star Maidens into making babies with you, who will in turn become warriors who help save the world. The babies I mean. That said, the Maidens continue to play an important role, too, I think. Or at least, that’s the general gist. Hey, it’s complicated.

The game’s premise sounds certifiably ridiculous, which makes me laugh, and I like games that make me laugh. Additionally, it’s developed by Spike Chunsoft, the team behind the Zero Escape series, which may actually be my favorite thing ever of all time. As a result, I’m pretty stoked for Conception II in general, and the fact that it appears to offer a compelling turn-based battle system and a decidedly Persona-like look and feel are all the more reason to be interested. Since the game’s North American release date is coming up fast, Atlus has released the seventh and final heroine video, featuring a “no-nonsense third-year student” named Feene. You can check it out at the top of this post.

Atlus made a point in its press release to remind potential buyers of the game’s collectors edition, the availability of which will be guaranteed to those piqued enough to pre-order. It includes a 10-track CD soundtrack and fancy packaging, so definitely consider it if you’re into that sort of thing. Otherwise, hold your breath and try not to pass out before Conception II releases on April 15th for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.