Conquer Hell Together With Army Corps Of Hell Multiplayer

We already know that the Vita launch game Army Corps of Hell will provide you with the tools to make your very own Prince of Darkness. But of course, none of that is any fun if you don’t have a chance to show off how badass, feminine, scary or tranquil you can make a bloodthirsty demon look. Thankfully there’s multiplayer.

The trailer below not only brings forth the metal once more, but shows off how ad-hoc multiplayer will work on the Vita. It appears there are both co-op modes as well as competitive modes, where you and up to four friends will command legions of the damned into battle.

Have a look below.

I have to say, at least if the game doesn’t live up to standards, the soundtrack so far has been awesome.

What say you, gamers? Could Hell really be that bad when you’ve got friends?