What Console Is Crysis 2 Best On?


It’s been over a week since Crysis 2 was released on PC, PS3 and XBOX 360, and debates are everywhere regarding what version looks and plays the best. Most console comparisons aren’t always necessary or even much of a big deal, but in the case of a game like Crysis 2, it is. Gamers know of the history beind Crytek Studios and the overwhelming games they make for the PC, starting with Far Cry.

You either have a top of the line gaming computer or it’s just not worth playing with lower specs adjusted. Who wants to play Crysis when it looks jagged with low textures? Part of the beauty of Crytek games are how the graphics affect the experience, you feel proud to be running such a powerful beast and it’s an impressive bragging right. What’s so revolutionary about Crysis 2 isn’t just the latest step up in graphical hardware or the impressive CryEngine 3, but that the game was also made for the consoles.

Critical skepticism has been focused on Crytek’s ability to convert the game successfully to consoles without any real detracting hiccups. Early reports from gaming conventions painted a rough picture for PS3 owners, stating the game ran behind the its 360 counterpart. Slow framerate, muddled graphics, inconsistent lighting and choppy multiplayer were issues to be addressed. Then the infamous leak was released resulting in Crytek pulling the multiplayer PS3 demo offline and putting out a statement regarding how the demo was far from finished and that the final version would be leagues better.

Well, now the game is out and it’s safe to say that Crytek was telling the truth, which is incredibly rare in the video game industry. All three versions are beautiful and equally playable, but which is the best way to play Crysis 2? Here’s the breakdown.


Crytek has been making games specifically for computers now since they first started out and it’s obvious. Thier dedication on surpassing themselves graphically proves how good they make their games. Crysis 2 without question looks the best on the PC. But it’s never that simple with gaming computers, there are major requirements in order to run it at full speed and performance. Luckily it’s not as steep as the original Crysis, meaning a good PC from a year or two ago should be good enough to play Crysis 2 on full settings. The game was always desingned for the PC and it shows, as stated in our Crysis 2 review it looks phenomenal.

The bright vivid colors mixed with the clean high resolution textures give the game a dynamic appearance that stands out. Compared to games like Killzone and Gears of War, which master the sterilized dark neutral tones, the clear daylight in Crysis makes the dark shadows even more effective and appear more realistic. It’s so seamless that after playing through the first two levels, your eyes will adjust to the unique beauty. The PC is also evident for including the best lighting effects in video game history, using it as a way to demonstrate how advanced the CryEngine 3 is. Even on slightly lower settings, the graphics outshine anything else out there. One factor that makes the PC excel, is in the controls. First person shooters were made for the keyboard and mouse and Crysis 2 is proof of that.

XBOX 360

Crysis 2 is the best looking 360 game, even with scaled down graphics from the PC version. The reason? The lighting once again steals the show, making it stand out among any console game. The game looks almost identical to the PC but when viewed side by side, there is a difference. It’s not incredibly noticeable but it is present. Some people say the 3D effects are better on the 360 and that will stay open for debate, because no one cares about 3D when it comes to Crysis 2. Sorry but it’s the truth. Nonetheless, next to the PC, the 360 version is the next best option and an outstanding example of how transfer a juggernaut computer game to the consoles correctly.

Playstation 3

Any negative issues still circulating around the PS3 version of Crysis 2 has pretty much been denied at this point. After initially scaring away all Sony fans out there, once actual real footage from the game was released online, the negativity stopped. Crysis 2 on Playstation 3 also looks incredible and is one of the system’s best. However it is behind the 360 in terms of more muted colors and slower frame rate. Most people have pointed out that the lighting is toned down a degree as well. Still, Crytek did a fantastic job at bringing Crysis 2 onto the PS3. Even if it is the worst version of the three, anyone owning a Playstation 3 should still pick it up for its fantastic quality.

There you have it, as everyone already knows the PC version of Crysis 2 is the best looking. But the real question is does it really matter? Does anyone playing this game on the 360 or PS3 wish to go buy an expensive computer just to play the best looking copy? Probably not because the game looks and plays amazing on all systems. We should all just be happy for the opportunity to play this game. Right?

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  1. Sally Strawberrysays:

    PS3 version has zero screen-tear where as the 360 version tears. I’m not splitting hairs here but I don’t think there is a definitive version amongst the consoles. PS3 also actually has more aggressive lighting in comparison. It falls in the frame-rate department and suffers from pop-in/texture loading. PC is the best version, but I feel both console versions cancel each other out with their own strengths/weakness.

    1. The 360 version does not have screen tear!!! I have played it almost twice now and have never seen even one screen tear.

      1. Anderseriksensays:

        the 360 DOES have screen tear! it was stated on vgchartz.com when they compared the two versions head2head with gameplay from both versions playing besides each other!

  2. Grobertsonsays:

    Xbox360 has a far higher frame rate than the ps3.
    I’d rather play a game that doesn’t stutter and at an important moment… Xbox360 WINS!!!

    1. That Kid Chrissays:

      LoL! Dude, your “far higher” framerate drops “far lower”, when it gets to the critical points, where on the other side the PS3 handles these way better, has a more stable framerate and no screen tear. Additionally the lighting looks a bit better on the PS3, so if there should be a winner, it’s the PS3 ’cause these dumb issues stated in the text are not visible, if you use a good tv with the right settings!

      1. Actually the lighting is better on the 360. Several credible sources have verified this. Gamespot, IGN, and Gameinformer. Plus the framerate dips are near identical across the board. You really need to stop being a uninformed fanboy moron. Both versions look great, you stupid people fighting about it are complete dipshits.

  3. Theskilledtreesays:

    I own PS3 and Xbox 360 and I try to find out what console to buy a multi-plat for, before launch. Sites like CVG and Destructoid were boasting PS3 as the console to buy for. I guess that I have to wait a week after launch to buy a new title. I had to adjust the settings on my 1080P HDTV and on the Crysis 2 menu, constantly. There are spots in the game that look amazing but there are also many sections of the maps that are so pixilated and blurry. Really, I try to buy for my PS3 because I have an older Xbox 360 and I don’t want to get stuck with a big library and a RROD. Well, lesson learned I guess.

    1. I own both as well and I buy every Multiplat game for the 360. XBL is just so much better for online games, and 99% of games look a bit bettter. I really only have a PS3 for a few exclusives that I like.

  4. AntiGrav82says:

    Lets just wait until DX11 gets implemented into the PC version.

  5. Gundam761spsays:

    let me solve the hole frame rate issue “dudes” if you have a PS3 you will have a problem with frame rate when you get a lot of action on the screen! Its the same with the 360!!!!, but if you have a large enough hard drive on a 360 you can install the game on your 360 and the console as a hole to function better allowing more power to graphics or to the processor, theres no slow down between the processor and the game, unfortunately the PS3 does not this option if it did it would look and act just like the 360 version but thats the only negative the PS3 has on this game, and the tearing doesnt even happen that much.

  6. KiEuKiTiosays:

    This person obviously tried to remain unbiased, however when it came to stating which console version was best, they seemed to dive right into the fanboyism pool. I dot know what they’re basing their “360 is superior to PS3” opinion on, but Crytek CEO Cervat Yerli reportedly stated the exact opposite. And I’m far more likely to believe his assessment. Now obviously the PC version is best, but that is assuming you have an adequately powerful rig. I do, but I primarily use it for work so I got a console version. And of course I got the PS3 version for the free online play & more scratch resistant Blu-ray format over DVD. Two things 360 fanboys always seem to disregard.

  7. hesoyamdonMonstersays:

    how adjust screen size for crysis 2 on ps3

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