CoroCoro Reveals Two Brand New Characters For Pokemon Sun And Moon


Scans from this month’s issue of Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro have just recently been published over on Serebii and, as you’d suspect, the pages are full of new Pokemon Sun and Moon details. Hot off the heels of last week’s video that revealed Poison/Fire-type critter Salandit, the new scans (above) show two new ‘Mons, and one of them looks rather familiar, doesn’t it?

While the official English names for both are yet to be confirmed, the translated text names them as Kiteruguma (left) and Mimikkyu (right). The former, which is described as an animal with the power to “break anything in two,” has the ‘Fluffy’ and ‘Klutz’ abilities, and is a dual Normal/Fighting type.

Mimikkyu, otherwise known as the unsettling creature that looks like a poorly-drawn Pikachu, is in fact a Ghost/Fairy type Pokemon and is wearing the Pika-themed cloth to avoid daylight. Supposedly, those who try to remove the garment are in danger of becoming “afflicted with an illness.”

Whether either of these two new Pokedex entries can evolve is unclear, but we’ll hopefully get some more solid details on both in the coming weeks when Nintendo and The Pokemon Company release a gameplay video showcasing their move sets. We’ll let you know their official English names as and when the details come. In the meantime, you can check out the rest of the early scans by clicking here.