We Got This Covered Radio: Gaming Edition Episode #4


Join us for episode 4 of We Got This Covered Radio: Gaming Edition, our relatively new gaming podcast. This week, the boys (Cory, Maki and Josh) discuss a number of things including Nintendo’s showing at GDC, the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo, Catherine being released in the US and more. Check it out!

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  1. musimsays:

    You can’t deny though, Steamworks does open the door for the possibility for Steam to come to the PS3, which would be absolutely badass. Granted it won’t make a bunch of PC games compatible with the PS3, but it will at least bring most if not all of Valve’s library to the PS3.

  2. Catwo0dsays:

    First of all, great cast. Secondly, I have a few things I want to mention.
    1> All Uwe Boll movies suck, Rampage is no exception. Don’t tell me that movie tried to teach society something deep. The guy sat down and had a bologna sandwich right in the middle of his murder spree. That movie sucked out loud.
    2> I agree with Cory. Gamestop employees are typically cunts. Every Gamestop I have ever been in has always been filled with douchey morons who claim to know a lot about gaming but then don’t know the simplest things. I have actually been to the location Smitty was talking about in Bangor. Although I can’t speak for it now because I haven’t been there in ages, back when it was an EB, it was run by a fat, sweaty, sack of shit who always wreaked of cheese. This guy was convinced that the Saturn was the console that would dominate the industry and never let me hear the end of it. The guy sucked.

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