There Is No Cow Level In Diablo III, But There Is This…

Obviously, there are some major Diablo III spoilers in this post, so I’m going to give you a chance to walk away from this one if you want to find this out on your own. Seriously, this is your last chance.

OK, then. Let’s keep this between you and me. There’s no reason to start telling all of your friends about this, and quite frankly, I doubt they’d believe you.

Many of you might remember the Internet losing its collective mind a while back when Diablo III was first announced, specifically over the game’s new look. Gamers everywhere started ranting and raving about how the new colorful look had no place in Diablo, leaving me to assume that they’re playing the game on a specially built black and white monitor now. Well, Blizzard decided to have a bit of fun with this through its hidden level for Diablo III.

The “level of sparkling happiness and rainbows” that is Whimyshire awaits heroes brave and colorful enough to seek it out, pitting them against hordes of devious sunflowers, horrible unicorns, hateful pink bears and the deadly Happy Clouds. It’s horrible, I tell you…HORRIBLE!

So, how do you travel to this magical level of Whimsyshire? Well I’m glad you asked, friend! You’ll need to first acquire the following items.

  • Black Mushroom from the Cathedral level 1 in Act 1 Leoric’s Shinbone, which is located randomly in the fireplace in Leoric’s Manor.
  • Liquid Rainbow, found from saving the rare spawn Zaven from the vultures and exploring the mysterious cave he opens in the Oasis. There you will find the Mysterious Chest. To do this, travel southwest until you find a small path leading to a watery clearing where he can be found. If neither the Mysterious Chest or Zaven spawn, you’ll have to remake the game
  • Wirt’s Bell, which is sold from Squird the Peddler in Caledrum Bazaar in Act 2 for 100k gold
  • Gibbering Gemstone, which drops from the random mob Chiltara in the Caverns of Frost Act 3.
  • Plans: Staff of Herding which drops randomly from Izual on Act 4.

After collecting all of these, you’ll have to build the Staff of Herding at the Blacksmith. Then, it’s simply a matter of finding the Ghost of the Cow King on Old Tristam Road, and asking him to open the gate.

For those of you brave enough to dare it, check out the video below to see what you’ll be going up against. My eyes have never seen terrors such as this.

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