Crackdown 2 Developers Working On A Next-Gen Game Due In 2014

crackdown 2

Ruffian Games, the developer behind the second Crackdown title, has revealed that they are working on a “next-gen” game targeted for release sometime next year. While nothing has been confirmed, the news has led to speculation that a Crackdown 3 announcement could be headed our way in the near future.

The existence of the studio’s next generation project was revealed by a job listing on Scottish Games Network, which reads in part:

“Might as well get to the point, we’re hiring and specifically looking for programmers… We need up to 3 engineers for a large C++, next gen console project that we are working on for ship next year.”

Obviously, there is nothing in the listing that specifically points towards the project being Crackdown 3, so it is very possible that Ruffian Games is hiring for something else completely. With that said, a Crackdown orb was spotted at the Xbox One reveal event last May, and Microsoft themselves later hinted at a possible third game in the series when they stated that the inclusion of the orb “wasn’t accidental.”

With a release window of next year, we should get a confirmation soon on whether or not Ruffian Games is working on the next Crackdown title. We will keep our eyes open for any official word from the studio and let you know as soon as their next project is announced.