Crackdown 3 And Scalebound To Skip E3; Will Be At Gamescom Instead


Bad news for anyone who was expecting to see more on Crackdown 3 and Scalebound at this year’s E3 – Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that neither game will be making an appearance as part of their E3 line-up. Don’t sink into despair though, as both games are still very much alive and they’ll be appearing “front and center” at this year’s Gamescom instead.

Speaking in a statement on the official Xbox website, Spencer validated the reasons for such a decision, stating that their E3 conference just didn’t allow enough time for them to show everything.

E3 is just the beginning. Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be sharing many more of our plans for 2015 and beyond. Having a jam-packed lineup of games to show at E3 means that there simply isn’t enough time to give each of our upcoming titles its well-deserved time in the spotlight.

We’ve decided to save some of our most eagerly-awaited future titles for Gamescom in August. Rest assured that titles like Crackdown, Quantum Break and Scalebound will be front and center at gamescom along with new game reveals for both Xbox One and Windows 10.

The decision is hardly surprising. We already know that Halo 5: Guardians, Rise Of The Tomb Raider and a new Forza title will be making an appearance at E3, so the company is probably trying to spread out its big name titles as much as possible.

What are your thoughts on the announcement though? Are you disappointed that you’ll have to wait another two months for some more info on Crackdown 3, or are you pretty neutral on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Gameinformer