Crackdown 3 Launching In 2016; Cloud-Based Multiplayer Announced


Europe’s biggest games exhibition is finally here. Gamescom kicked off today with a bumping Microsoft conference that revealed new gameplay footage for several exclusive titles. Among them was Crackdown 3, the highly-anticipated sandbox action RPG that’s all about over-the-top action.

Along with the world premiere gameplay trailer, the Official Xbox website was updated with the following statement:

Honouring the classic, open-world Crackdown experience adored by fans, Crackdown 3 is bringing you a 4-person co-operative campaign enhanced with a new dynamic story, cutting-edge weapons and vehicles, enemies you’ll love to hate – and of course, tons of orbs to collect!

Crackdown 3 will also deliver a groundbreaking competitive multiplayer mode, where everything is physical thanks to the Microsoft Cloud. Harness 20 times the power of your Xbox One to unleash 100 percent destructible environments for the first time ever in gaming and create your own explosive stories in the process.

Aside from the obvious visual upgrade of the third game in the trilogy, Crackdown 3 is promised to be bigger and better than its predecessors in every way. It’s a statement we can believe, too, as the game’s multiplayer portion will give players access to a cloud-based world where everything is destructible. That includes all of those neon-lit skyscrapers guys, so get ready for some major destruction.

There’s still no concrete release date set for Crackdown 3, but we now know that it’ll be releasing at some point next year. Until then, you have the excellent trailer above to tide you over.

Source: VideoGamer

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