Crash Bandicoot Buyout Rumors Disproved, Activision Still In Charge


Despite rumors to the contrary from earlier this week, it has emerged today that Activision has in fact not sold the rights to Crash Bandicoot back to Sony and will “continue to explore ways in which we could bring the beloved series back to life.” A pretty good way of doing so might be to not focus on the sort of games than could render it dead in the first place. Eh? Amiright? EH?

Tough crowd…

Rumors of the erstwhile Playstation mascot returning to the first-party stable got an awful lot of people excited after what appeared to be a cryptic message in a PS4 launch video turned out to be nothing more than an exaggerated case of clutching at straws. Or, like, clutching at atoms. Seriously guys. There was nothing there.

All the non-fiasco has done is bring Crash back to everybody’s attention, which as a fan of Naughty Dog’s classic games and the character in general, is something I am absolutely down with. It’s kind of a shame that Crash isn’t out there going toe to toe with Ratchet and Clank or the Sly Cooper gang for Sony platforming prominence. He has great appeal for kids and adults alike and can hold his own in a kart title too. Isn’t it about time we started seeing some solid evidence that Crash and co. are on the way back? If this week has proved anything, it’s that people are still interested in the icon. Seems time they got what they wanted. A PS4 comeback, perhaps?

Make it happen, Activision!