Crate Entertainment Confirm Grim Dawn Is Now “Content Complete”

Grim Dawn

After spending years in various phases of development, Grim Dawn is now “content complete” according to its developers, Crate Entertainment. In an announcement posted on the game’s Facebook page, the developers happily confirmed the update and added that they are looking to take the game to a full release – out of Early Access – in February 2016.

Originally, the game was expected to launch completely in 2011, so this latest update from Crate has been a long time coming:

What Content Complete means to you, the players, is that you now have full access to all of the game’s content, items and difficulty modes. Nothing is blocked off, no quests remain that cannot be completed. There is no cruel Clone of John Bourbon awaiting you at the end of the line to tell you that you must wait for the next update. Starting today, you have the full experience from start to finish

It’s a welcome announcement for fans of the dark, fantasy RPG title as the full experience can now be played through as the final bits of polish are added before the game’s full release. There’s also an increase of the level cap – to 85- and apparently over 500 new items for you to go out and discover.

Grim Dawn‘s final build is expected to be finished in early 2016, so look out for a full release for the game shortly after.