Craziness From Platinum’s Anarchy Reigns

Considering that Sega and Platinum have spawned two OTT third person finger twitchers in the space of about a year, Bayonetta and Vanquish, and that they were both fantastic, should give us a clue as to what their next big multiplayer flavoured title is going to be like. My guesses are headache inducing, lightening fast, and hopelessly awesome.

The game in question is of course Anarchy Reigns which is set for a chaotic gun slinging – sword spinning release sometime around Q3-Q4 this year. As the emphasis is heavily on multiplayer, with a range of online modes to choose from and a suitably weird looking cast of characters. It’s drawing the attention of those who overlooked games like Vanquish (their loss in my opinion) because of the decided lack of online player vs player situations.

Details on Anarchy Reigns are spider silk thin despite a handful of early trailers and screenshots. What we know so far is that players can slog it out in open style brawler arenas with several folks at a time from around the world, brutally tossing each other about with extravagant and showy-off super combo’s reminiscent of Bayonetta and Devil May Cry.

It will reportedly have an offline option but the idea driving this game is the fighting online with buddies. One man holding off an army of angry hockey zombies kind of thing, oh and there will be chainsaws. Confirmation on the specific player vs AI survival, co-op mode, competitive deathmatch stuff hasn’t been given so for now we must make do with crazy trailers. Could be worse right? Handful of new screenshots below as well.