Create Your Own Capture Mission In Grand Theft Auto Online


Rockstar has officially launched their Capture Creator update for Grand Theft Auto Online, which will allow users to unleash their inner-creativity and develop their own custom missions.

If you’ve already been part of the GTA Online community, then many of the content creator’s customization options will be familiar to you. Players can choose from all of their mission’s weaponry, pick-ups, locations, and more. These choices are crucial for ensuring that your creation stands out from the rest of the over 4 million player-created missions (Deathmatches and Races) that have already found their way online.

As always, Rockstar will be watching the community closely and promoting the best of the best with a “Rockstar Verified” stamp. This ensures that gamers can get full access to the most engaging content with ease. If you find yourself struggling to create a unique mission, Rockstar has also created a PDF guide to help users learn the ins and outs of the system.

Tell us, are you excited to check out the Capture Creator update for Grand Theft Auto Online?