The Crew Looks To Revolutionize The Way We Play Racing Games

The Crew

The Crew is looking to challenge the way we look at racing games. While the goal of the game is to infiltrate and take over a criminal organization, what makes The Crew interesting is just how this world is being handled. The map spans the entirety of the United States and looks to create a persistent online world.

While you can play solo, Ubisoft really wants you to team up with up to three friends to do the entire campaign solo, or just track across the US and explore everything. Little side missions are scattered across the nation that reward you with cash and experience, and even they may have online elements as you’ll find yourself racing the “ghost” of players who have been in that area.

All of you gear heads will be happy to hear that you can completely strip the vehicle down to its frame and pick individual parts in order to optimize your performance.

The live gameplay we were shown gives the game a feeling somewhere between a Need for Speed and Burnout Paradise. One mission had the players tracking down an AI car and ramming it until it was out of commission, while the next featured two four player crews facing off, although we weren’t shown exactly on how that will play out.

Taking full advantage of the second screen experience, the player was able to completely customize a vehicle during the demonstration, which is a nice little extra.

Check out the trailer for The Crew below. What do you think, is this worth getting excited over?