The Crew: Wild Run Introduces Improved Visuals, New Weather System


When it was revealed at E3, The Crew: Wild Run was touted as a large-scale expansion. However, we weren’t told a whole lot back then, outside of the fact that the add-on takes place within a new event called The Summit, where motorcycles and monster trucks are in their prime.

Now, thanks to Wild Run‘s gamescom trailer, there’s more to share.

On top of its motorcycles, monster trucks and unique environment, this well-advertised addition will feature improved draw distances as a result of an overhauled graphics system that introduces terrain-affecting weather effects. The results are noticeable in trailers such as this, as The Crew has never looked better.

Look for The Crew: Wild Run on November 17th of this year. It’ll be available by its lonesome, or as part of The Crew‘s Wild Hunt and Complete Edition sets.

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