Crime Gets Cute In LEGO City Undercover

I’m a sucker for the LEGO games. Sure, they’re decidedly more casual and kid friendly, but there’s a charm in the games that I can’t deny. Maybe it’s the fact that they can take some more serious stories, such as Batman or Star Wars and turn them into a cute satire of itself without being outright mocking. So when Nintendo revealed that Traveller’s Tales was going to make a LEGO crime game, I was sold pretty quickly.

Players will be able to solve crimes using the WiiU gamepad, and scan the environment using the touchscreen to find hidden criminals. It’s lazy journalism to call this a LEGO version of Grand Theft Auto, especially with such limited information revealed right now, but it’s an easy parallel to draw with the comedic look of the criminal underworld. There’s no release date as of yet, but you can see the video that was featured at E3 below.

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