Cross-Game Chat Coming To PlayStation 4, PS Plus Not Required For Updates

playstation-4 ps4 e3-2013 (2)

In the wake of E3 2013, we now have some more information regarding the PlayStation 4. Keeping in line with most of what we know about the console thus far, this new information is definitely positive and positions the console once more as a must-buy.

First up are auto-updates. Though these were previously tied to PlayStation Plus on the PS3, they won’t be tied to the paywall on the PS4. Speaking to Videogamer at E3, SCEE UK & Ireland MD Fergal Gera noted “the social features of PS4 and PS4 games sit out of the subscription service.” Additionally, services like Netflix and Hulu will also stay outside of the PlayStation Plus subscription.

When the PlayStation 4 launches this holiday season, the PS Plus will remain at its usual $50 price point. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to get around having to shell out some money if you want to play online multiplayer. At $50 for a whole year though, I don’t think Sony is asking too much. Still, for those who won’t or can’t get a PS Plus account, it’s nice to hear that not everything will be tied to it.

In other Sony news, the company has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will include cross-game chat, something that fans have wanted for years. You’ll now be able to chat with friends, no matter which game they are currently playing, making the online experience even better and adding another great reason to pay the $50/year for PS Plus.

What do you make of all this? Has Sony pulled ahead once again in the next-gen console race? Let us know in the comments below.