Crucial Says DDR4 Is Nigh, Set To Arrive Early Next Year


The PS4 and Xbox One are upon us, and what better way to make them look instantly outdated than to bring some new, blazing fast memory to the market? PCs are the master race, I’ve been told. In a recent promo on their site, memory-maker Crucial has posted an infographic detailing just how awesome DDR4 is, and just why you’re going to need it once it becomes available in early 2014. I can’t really make sense of it, but they used pretty colours.

It may seem surprising to see DDR4 is arriving so soon, but when you consider that its predecessor has been around since 2007 (yes, I feel old too), it starts to make more and more sense. According to the graphic and the rest of Crucial’s thus-far available info, DDR4 should be twice as fast, use 20% less power, and hold double the amount of memory per individual stick. Whether you understand what they’re talking about or not, that’s certainly impressive.

Before anyone tries to get smart about my intro paragraph, it’s important to distinguish one thing: DDR and GDDR are not the same. “The PS4 has GDDR5, that’s like, even better than what PCs are just getting!! Sony 4 lyfe!!” Sorry, but GDDR5 is based on DDR3. The more you know, fangirls.

Crucial says we should “get ready to be blown away” by the speed improvements of DDR4, so consider me ready to be blown. Why keep expectations in check when there are hype-inducers like that floating around? Don’t disappoint me, Crucial!