Far Cry 4 Will Explore The Valley Of The Yetis On March 10


Ajay Ghale got a raw deal when he signed on to take his beloved mother’s ashes back to her homeland of Kyrat in Far Cry 4. Then again, that’s typical of every Far Cry protagonist, as the series thrives on trips from Hell.

Today, Ubisoft announced that Valley of the Yetis — the first incredibly noteworthy piece of DLC for the game — will hit digital marketplaces on Tuesday, March 10th. In doing so, it will present a new side campaign for players to shoot their way through. Things will certainly be different this time around, though, because you won’t be fighting against Pagan Min’s evildoing forces. Instead, you’ll be tasked with securing camp and fending off deranged cultists on an icy ledge. All this while having to deal with the existence of large, furry yetis.

Expectedly, all of this begins with a helicopter crash starring our favourite rebel-leading protagonist. He won’t be alone, though, so long as you have a friend who can join in on the fun. As expected, Hurk will also make this trip so that co-op will be an available asset.

Stay tuned for more news pertaining to Far Cry 4, and make sure to check back for our full, detailed review of Valley of the Yetis. Also, take note that this add-on will be available as part of our Game of the Year‘s thirty-dollar season pass, while also retailing on its own for an unknown price.

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