Crysis 2 Double XP Marathon Starts Today

Those of you who have been getting frustrated while you slowly slog through online battles desperately trying stack up enough XP to buy that clever looking attachment or that slightly louder gun in Crysis 2, we’ve got good news for you! Crytek are going to give you a helping hand for a few days. Awfully nice of them, isn’t it?

Considering that every major competitive multiplayer game has a ‘double XP’ weekend on and off just to give the impression that the game isn’t ‘dead’, it’s nothing particularly special Crytek are doing other than that you’ll get an extra two days to rank up twice as fast. So tighten up those nano-abs, brush down your man visor, and get ready for a few days of superhuman madness (in more than one way). Maybe this time around I’ll somehow manage to not get totally annihilated by um…everyone.

We’ll see you on the glorious rendered maps…or not…depending how well you use your stealth mode…*BANG*. Start raking in those extra points until Monday 30th (all platforms).